Dear Pilgrim

I´m on day 4 of the pilgrimage. The first day was painful and wonderful all at the same time...fourth day the body is struggling less and finally starting to get accustomed to walking everyday. Mind is getting stronger too. Each day is so full. Hope to write more when I have better internet access. It´s a bit limited in most towns but here´s a short poem I wrote today that I can share. Hope you are all well.
Walking through the earth
tread lightly, dear pilgrim.
Leave no trace that you were here
for tomorrow you will be somewhere else.

Be kind to those around you
who also have aches that you cannot see.
A warm smile and gentle encouragement
may carry them through the coldest mountain.

Take only what you need
you will breathe easier,
and walk with a straighter back.
Some things might look enticing
but they are not necessary,
they will only burden you in the end.

Worry not about tomorrow
it will come soon enough,
and greet you with it joys and sorrows.

Embrace the joy with open arms,
make certain that you don´t miss it,
staring deep into your eyes.
Learn from the sorrows,
know that you have lessons to learn,
that can only be taught in this way.

Above all -- be grateful.
For gratitude and misery
cannot co-exist in your heart.

What else do you need?
A bed to rest,
clean clothes to wear,
and a simple meal.

And remember when the sun shines upon you,
and the flowers bloom in your path,
don´t forget to smile back.

Be grateful that you are given
yet another day.

With gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life. :-)


  1. Anonymous5/03/2010

    So excited you're doing this Guri! I'm a friend of Nipun's who Camino-ed in the summer of 07. Had transformative experience. May you find teachers in the forms of people and things and thoughts that will find you along the journey. Travel well and I hope to hear more when you're back!


  2. Anonymous5/04/2010

    totally made my day! a poet comes to life. :)

  3. Beautiful poem! It reminds me of our pilgrimage in India, :) as I hold gratitude for all pilgrims who seek to purify their minds through a changing set of circumstances. All good things to you ...

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing your heart, your eyes!

  5. wow ! awesome poem ! thank you for sharing this :) love you

  6. Loved this and misssss you :)

  7. Poetry is the Science of the Soul :-)

    I'm happy to see that the Universal Love is using you as an instrument to enrich our lives.

    Esperi que nuestro español esté de maravilla. Necesitamos satyagrahis que hablen español ahora que regreses a esta parte del Planeta que llamamos Estados Unidos de América.

    Te mando muchos blessos hermana Gurita, en amor radical,

  8. Anonymous7/22/2010

    Beautiful, real and so very wisdom charged! Thanks Guri for sharing these hard earned insights from the path...

  9. I love this poem. It is inspires me. It is on my soft board.



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