Notes From The Camino

I finished walking the Camino on June 5th and two days later I was on a flight to India to meet up with Nipun and spend time with some of my favorite people in the world. The following weeks were filled with friends (old and new), family, celebrations, service opportunities, a retreat, good food, big bear hugs, and lots of blessings. In the words of my friend Birju, it was simply a “Love-Fest”. No other words to explain it. Needless to say I dived right into it and enjoyed every second of it.  

Now that I’m back home, and trying to take the time to reflect on some of the experiences from my 4-month-hiatus -- one thing that has been a bit of sand-in-my-shoe is that I didn’t update my blog during the Camino as I had intended to. That was definitely the part of the journey that I would’ve loved to share with friends and family, but the Internet access was pretty grim. And once I got to India, life took on a shape of its own. As I go back and read my journal -- yes, the good ol' pen and paper journal I had kept for myself -- I’ll post up some of the entries retroactively.  It was a unique experience and I’ve grown a lot from it, so will be nice to reflect and share simultaneously. 

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