Morning Prayer (Bali, Indonesia)

We must face
the moments
we would rather
prefer to forget.

By confronting
our deepest fears,
we enable our
own metamorphosis
and unearth the
capacity to face
our next discord.

And meet life
at its own edge,
with open arms,
ready to take on
the next big wave.


  1. What an exquisite photograph. Even with the series of waves rolling in there is such calm in it. And your poem is a beautiful match to it, with much wisdom to chew on within! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Pavi! It was beautiful to witness this lady. There was so much going on around her -- people surfing, walking, vendors. But she just stood there, as if in deep communion with the ocean. A wave eventually came and she gracefully sat down for a minute, let it submerge her, then got up and quietly walked away. Such a privilege to just watch her.