Acknowledging Our Gifts

Inspiration often surfaces in the most unexpected of places. As the Salsa lesson speeds up, I watch a sweet German man salsa as if he was born to do this. Arms perfect, legs sychronized. "Uno, dos, tres...uno dos tres..." I asked Kerstyn, his twenty year old daughter sitting next to me about his interest. She rolls her eyes with an exaggerated "he lovvvves it," in her thick German accent. How did he even get interested in salsa dance while living in Germany? She shares the story of how he almost lost his hearing ten years ago.

He needed an ear operation and wouldn't know until after the surgery if he would still be able to hear. He decides to go out and listen to all the best music in the world, learned how to play the guitar, and fell in love with salsa music. And this started his obsession with the Latin American dance ten years ago.

It turned out that he lost all of his hearing in one ear but the other was fine. So now he never misses a beat.

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