Casa Guatemala on Rio Dulce

Absolutely nothing compares to a boat ride early in the morning on Rio Dulce (the Sweet River), twisting and turning through the 45 km long river that gives life to many of the villages alongside. The lush mountains surrounding the edges look magical as pelicans and egrets fly on both sides. Fields of water lilies extend across the green waters. It can easily be a scene from a movie.

I visit two NGO’s in the villages: “Casa Guatemala”, a school and a home to almost three hundred children, where I met some of the most inquisitive little kids; And "Ak-Tenamit", a Co-op for indigenous Mayan communities, specializing in handicrafts and tourism. They provide youth with vocational training and also run a clinic and work on gender equity programs. Beautiful people.

I’ve been really bad at uploading photos, so below are some pictures from the day:

Rio Dulce in the early morning; curious kids at Casa Guatemala (this boy kept posing for different pictures; Water lily field; and my cabin for the night complete with a little pond in the back where I spotted a turtle.

Rio Dulce at sunrise (Guatemala)

Kids playing at Casa Guatemala

Kids at Casa Guatemala

A bird making her way on the Rio Dulce

Colorful plant life surrounding the Rio Dulce

My cabin for the night right on the river :-)


  1. wow guri! i just realized that you were in guatemala thanks to teh wonders of facebook!...oh- i too loved the rio dulce very much. i met some amazing people there- aid workers from casa guatemala, beautiful children, travelers from all over, yachtsmen, and even ex-soldiers turned security guards. your post and your always gorgeous photos made me yearn to go back there. i used to work at holly-mar- a bar/cafe right on the water...i wonder if it is still there. what a surreal place teh rio is... safe travels. thanks for blogging! xo ish

  2. Thanks Ish, so happy to hear that you've been there. It's such a unique and beautiful place.