Deepak Chopra - the New Collective Consciousness

Whenever I get a chance to break away from the daily routine and attend a talk by someone – I'm there. I welcome the chance to meet with people from various paths of life and co-reflect on life and its bigger purpose. Although I’m a strong believer that ultimately all the answers lay within each of us, meeting people who’ve spent their lives thinking about these things can provide a nice spark to ignite our own personal growth.

About a week ago I had the privilege of hearing an amazing talk by Deepak Chopra, a M.D. and an author of sixty-one books. He manages to break down the most complex topics of modern science, consciousness, technology and turn them into small changes that we can make in our daily lives.  

Rishi did a great job of capturing some interesting tidbits in this short vignette below. I wanted to pass this on so everyone can get a chance to see it.

Nipun also wrote a blog entry on the ServiceSpace blog, which captures the spirit of the talk and includes a link to the full audio for those that might be interested.  

There were so many inspiring tidbits that I took away from the talk. One that stood out for me were three things that can help individual transformation, which then leads to global transformation. In Sanskrit, they are: Satsang- gathering together to share wisdom and guidance; Simran- reflecting on who we really are; and Seva- being in service with devotion and compassion. :-)

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